Professionelles Interieur-Design in Bern, Exklusive Möbelproduktion. Klassische interieurs in der besten Schweizer Qualität.
Exclusive furniture in Switzerland and Moscow.

We take care of your full interior: develop individual interior design and implement a detailed design-project, including 3D-visualization. Upon request, the team of highly skilled specialists from Moscow will create unique designer furniture from a sketch to a work of art.

I. Interior design:

The conception of a Design Project involves:
– Plan with all dimensions of existing external and internal walls, partitions and engineering services, including plumbing, dimensions and explanations.
– Redevelopment scheme: the dismantling plan showing all the demolished walls
– Plan of constructed walls, indicating the thickness, materials, dimensions
– Plan of space with the arrangement of sanitary ware, furniture and additional equipment
– 3D – Visualization of interior

A detailed Design Project includes its Conception, plus:
– Floor plan with the type of floor structures and their schematic floor laying, material count
– Detailed ceiling plan with the arrangement of lamps, views of all walls with switches and sockets, as well as dimensions
– 3D-Visualization of the interior, where the design details are well thought out with a selection of directories of companies producing materials, furniture and accessories
– A selection of materials and furniture is indicated for every room
– 3D-Visualization of the interior is available by using your prepared plans and interior decisions

II. Our services for real estate agencies, property sellers, owners of houses or realtors:

Quality-check and mediation for your property sales

As a real estate agency, owner, property seller or realtor you will successfully increase the prestige and value of your property and therefore their real price and the level of sales. We provide quality-check and presentation-check, including advertising and promotion of your property in the global internet market, as well as the necessary assistance in the sale of residential and office property in abroad.

Our unique selling points:

Increasing the prestige and value of your property and increasing its sales price:

– Providing the best photos of your property (architectural photography), which are attractive for potential buyers or investors

– Creating professional text literature for the property including ground plans (professional presentation / Exposé)

– Propose design projects and interior designs for your house, apartment or office, including financial calculations, also for the restoration or reconstruction work.

Advertising and promoting of your real estate on the international real estate market, including SEO.

– Translation of your presentation into three languages: English, German and Russian. Translation into other languages like French, Italian and Spanish languages is also possible

Sales and representation assistance with international customers including translation services

– Escort to the property and concierge services for international customers

III. Development and creation of exclusive author furniture:

– graphic sketches of furniture, executed by hand in several options
– development and design of exclusive author furniture from the sketch to the work of art
– restoration of furniture, including carving work, textile work, polishing, gilding